University of Idaho Theatre Arts Presents: Drowning Ophelia, October 3 – 5

October 03 – October 05, 219

Presented by U of I Theatre Arts, “Drowning Ophelia” is a dark comedy performed in one act about the long-term consequences of childhood abuse and a love letter to those who have suffered. There is always hope. Jane doesn’t know what to do with the literary character who has taken up residence in her bathtub. She doesn’t want Ophelia interrupting the obsessive order of her life with obnoxious songs about death and valentines. She doesn’t want Ophelia disrupting her relationship with Edmund, the oddly charming actor who might show up for dinner in a suit…or a suit of armor. And she most definitely doesn’t want Ophelia stirring up memories of a brother she would rather forget. But Ophelia doesn’t care about what Jane wants so much as what she needs. As Jane’s past intrudes dangerously on her present, it becomes clear that Ophelia is not simply a character from “Hamlet” but a long-forgotten messenger with a question from Jane’s own troubled mind: How do you move on when reconciliation is not an option?

For mature audiences. Limited seating. Advance tickets are highly recommended. Call 208-885-6465 to reserve your seat.


Pocket Playhouse – Shoup Hall, Room 100
1028 W. Sixth St.
Moscow, ID 83844

Contact:​ 208-885-6465

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