Time Flies! Plan Your Deer Camp


Time Flies! Plan Your Deer Camp Maintenance Now


Even though the warming temperatures are telling you otherwise, it’s never a good idea to file away the “jobs” that come with maintaining your favorite hunting camp. In fact, now is the best time of year to make that ‘to-do’ list instead of allowing the subject to be forgotten entirely. Why? Because before you know it, the leaves will be changing colors, the air will turn crisp, and you’ll head up to bag that buck only to learn there are a slew of things to be done before you can even begin the hunt.

From storms blowing through, downing trees that end up blocking necessary access roads and trails, to spring downpours that have scattered debris over the camp, caused firewood to float away and left nothing but silt behind – all of these events must be taken into consideration. After all, what happens if the food plots that are the ‘calling cards’ to the bucks you wish to take down have turned into weed patches since your last visit? In other words, maintenance is needed, and there are literally enough jobs for every family member, friend, and fellow hunter to take on.

Time Flies! Plan Your Deer Camp

Although not the most exciting part of the hunting season, caring for the location is a huge part of the process, so make sure to put these ‘must-do’s’ on your checklist:

Make sure to have someone handle the mowing of the property, while another member of the team takes charge of the food plots. By deciding now what fall wildlife food plots you want to plant, you can secure the amount of seed and fertilizer you’ll need.

Another important part of the process is maintaining hunting stands and buildings on the camp. By taking the ATV out on the roads, trails, and to hunting stand locations; you can make sure to fix anything that Mother Nature has destroyed while you’ve been gone. By keeping up-to-date on the needed repairs, another member of your team can create a list of tools required to put everything back together again. An added safety tip is when you head into any of the buildings, make sure to be really careful. While you’ve been gone, these have become the perfect homes for everything from wasp nests to spider colonies, so make sure to spray any pests in order to stay safe. Check everything from the tin roofs to the drainage system used by the RV, and, if necessary, repair screens and utilize those hammers and nails to make sure the entry stairs and other areas of the camp are in good shape.

When it comes to the security of the property, check to make sure signs are posted, gates are secure, and fences are in good shape; this will take away the anxiety and allow you and yours to have a fun Opening Day. Don’t forget that campfire ring, either. Clean it out, re-stack firewood, and cut new logs for the pile – you already know you’ll want a clean ‘circle’ to congregate around and talk shop when the hunting day has come to a close.

With proper planning and everyone working together, taking care of your camp will be a breeze.

Then…all you have to do is find that trophy!

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