A Guided Look at the Sea Chaser Flats Series by Carolina Skiff

Professional fishing guides see things from a little different perspective. Their boat is essentially a floating office designed to keep clients comfortable, safe and catch more fish. The Sea Chaser Flats Series by Carolina Skiff meets these requirements and is a perfect boat for the shallow water guide as well as any

FIRST LOOK: Tidewater 2410 Baymax PROfile

“Can you call me back? I just got my Tidewater back to the dock and have a cooler full of fish to clean,” said the voice on the other end of the phone in a soft, Southern drawl.

Enjoy the New and Improved YamahaOutboards.com

For years, Yamaha Outboards has been a leader in on-the-water performance, as well as in online support. Yamaha’s commitment just got even stronger with the relaunch of a new and improved YamahaOutboards.com website. It is easy to see why Yamaha is the world

Carolina Skiff Ultra Elite Series – 3 boats in 1!

For more than 30 years, Carolina Skiff has earned a reputation for building some of the best-performing, family-friendly fun/fishing boats in the industry. Out of the more than 60 different models from Carolina Skiff that stands out meeting the needs of serious

It’s Boat Show Season!

Whether in the market for a first-time boat or looking to upgrade your current vessel, it’s boat show season, including the largest boat show, the Miami International Boat Show held Thursday, Feb. 14 until Monday, Feb. 18 at the Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin.

Sea Chaser HFC Series “Perfect for Family, Fishing, and Fun”

The spring and summer boating seasons are right around the corner. If you are looking for a serious fishing boat and a family-friendly cruiser, chances are the Sea Chaser HFC Series by Carolina Skiff is the perfect boat for you.

Maintenance Matters: Breaking ‘Em in Right

A new outboard engine is one of the single most valuable investments any boater can make, whether on a new-boat build or when repowering an old classic.

Tidewater Boats is delivering big things on the water in 2019

Exciting developments are underway for 2019 from Tidewater Boats! Tidewater Boats is taking the unprecedented effort of introducing more new models as well as enhancing current models with additional options and benefits for customers.  Check out the latest video from Tidewater Boats and make your

Take Better Care of your Bait, and it will take Better Care of you!

Whether catching ballyhoo, sardines or dropping sabiki near submerged structure, filling your live well with fiesty baits is the most important step for fishing success.  Malin Co. new Bait De Hooker is the perfect tool to assist with caring for your bait for better bites!

What do “Fishing Guides” Look for When Buying a Boat?

When you make a living on the water, nothing is more important than finding the right boat. But what do professional guides and fishermen look for when

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